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   Anti-smoking campaign during the Republic of China era [05/03/16 04:06AM]   
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Anti-smoking campaign during the Republic of China eraMention cigarettes, from the early Hartmann, sea products and then the Rat, big beads together and was a smash hit beautiful cheap newports cigarettes, many smokers may talk about this period of history are "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" familiar, they are very proud.But in that era cultural newport 100's cigarettes online cigarette bud development, an increasing number of smokers and the face of increasingly serious social impact, when the dignitaries together launched a ban on cigarette action. After initiating action, the streets have become a big stage for non-smoking action.Anti-smoking song mouth oralcarton of cigarettesChina before the 20th century, the national gengerally thought that smoking is not only harmless and even physical health. In this thought, the whole country, whether it is children or middle-aged labor all immersed in the dream of cheap newport 100 cigarettes free shipping can fit. Until 1900, the state classified tobacco consumption clearly, the distinction between adults and minors, so that people come to realize that cigarette detrimental to children. European countries and Japan combined the concept of health gradually introduced to China, successive governments have begun to advocate social insight and smoking "stigma" thinking.Under the impetus of the community, smoking is harmful to Marlboro Gold Cigarettes health, although the idea is well known, but the phenomenon is still repeated smoking cheap newport 100s cigarettes. In May 1911, forbidden cigarette Conference held in Shanghai, Zhang taste Brasenia Park. Tingfang Wu, the chief representative of the Shanghai Revolutionary Armed Forces of Foreign Affairs, Pingshu Li, the chief of Shanghai civil affairs and other celebrities presently participated in the meeting. All the celebrities were dressed, the scene is very ambitious. When the policy of forbidden cigarettes was raised in the meeting, the country's various cultural figures have offered advice to offer words, play to their strengths, promotion-smoking campaign. The original and popular scenes of smoking cigar cigarettes are increasingly disappear, many celebrities have started politicians lead by example, reduced and refused smoking.After the anti-smoking cheap wholesale newport 100 convention before long, in order to boost morale entertainment, famous writer, Weiwen jin wrote a "smoking Minor." This "smoking Minor" spread widely in series of anti-smoking activities in the future, has become a major sign of anti-smoking movement. User-friendly "Smoking minor" become enterainment at people's leisure, also put campaign to a climax.Then, lyrics and music written by the Hangchen  Hua, "anti-smoking song," also be word of mouth too, and later with its concise and easy to understand words, became a era of famous song."Cigarettes and marlboro red 100s cigarettes online, parliament cigarettes do people great harm. Unfriendly spirit money, damage wins opium. Advise our compatriots to quit sucking cigarette paper marlboro lights quickly; Do not smoke cigarettes, people tire of fresh air, do not smoke newport 100 cigarettes online, who would dare to belittle the reputation preservation? Do not smoke cigarettes, strong people they are!" So sonorous lyrics accompanied by a similar" first man of high ambition, "the sprightly tunes, after the revolution in 1911, became a popular classics. Also worked with the then most popular "celebrate Republic", "Patriotic Song", "gambling", "advised by domestics" and other works together are selected into the "Republic of China singing set", it has become a sign of the times on behalf of the tracks. As a witness to the memory of the times, all data of "anti-smoking song" is intact in Nanjing Second Historical Archives of China in the 1980s.




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